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Your Own Shard of History...

Grounded in Connection

Based in Stone Staffordshire, Unearthed by Lynn creates jewellery intended to ground you in connection.... to a person, a place or a memory. When you purchase a piece of Unearthed Jewellery, it comes with a copy of the provenance uncovered...where it was unearthed, what it was from, and more...

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Unearthed gives you the chance to feel connected to the planet. Unearthed Jewellery upcycles man-made material using non-toxic, eco-friendly and recycled products wherever possible. including the use of eco-silver, food-grade acids in the silversmithing process, bio-degradable packaging and recycled boxes. 

Unearthing UK Heritage

Inspired by the UK's Pottery Industry,  Glass Industry and the Industrial Revolution, Unearthed finds discarded man-made materials, such as pottery shards, sea glass and iron slag and attempts to re-tell the stories of past craftsmen by upcycling and repurposing their work.