The Potteries Collection

Initially inspired by shards found in the Potteries, this collection has grown to include pottery from all over the UK. Finding a shard evokes a sense of curiosity - who made the original vessel? How did it get  here? By upcycling these shards into jewellery, there is a chance to connect with the original makers, retelling their story. 

Industrial Revolution - Iron Blast Furnace Slag Collection

This collection originated from Iron Ore Slag found near the base of the Ironbridge Gorge, and is quickly growing to include Ceramic Slag unearthed in Staffordshire along the Trent and Mersey Canal. It comes from blast furnaces, and often dates to the 1700-1800s. A true connection to the Industrial Revolution and British Heritage.

Beside the Sea Glass Collection

Focusing on sea glass from Wales and Seaham (once the location of the world's largest glass factory), as well as some pieces from Cornwall and other places in Europe, it has recently grown to include river glass found in Shropshire.  Upcycling Sea Glass offers you a punch of colour that almost seems to be light from within. All Unearthed Sea Glass is set into Fine Silver so it won't tarnish, ensuring your sea glass will stay bright over time.

Recycled Silver Collection

Unearthed tries to work with recycled sterling silver, called Ecosilver, and also unearths bits of silver, gold and copper from time to time. This collection tries to utilise these scraps and make a wearable, eco-friendly product for you to wear.